Services | Repairs

If your system isn’t working right now, you need a service call! Our number one priority is repairing the system that’s currently in your house. We charge $79 service call (waived if repair is approved at time of service call). We do our best to run these calls the day they’re put in but please understand, that’s not always possible during our busy seasons.


Maintaining your system is an integral part of having an air conditioning system that efficient and will have the most longevity possible. We charge $119 for maintenance (ask about our seasonal discounts!). We try to schedule these calls within two weeks of putting in the call. It’s important to have your heating and cooling system checked once a year each.


We will come to your house and give you a quote to replace your system for free! Also, repairing the system that you have now is sometimes costly, or cannot be done in a timely manner depending on the availability of the parts needed to repair it. In these situations, it may make more sense for you to replace your system than to repair it.

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